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Zebra Stripes and Cuppy Cakes

Animating: Adobe Flash Professional CC ♥
Drawing: Paint Tool SAI ♥
Editing: Adobe Premier Pro CC♥

Froaklin bullet thing by SkittyStrawberriesAlso one of Caly by SkittyStrawberries


Best Bros
In no particular order, ilu all too much <3
:iconmeeshapom::iconbyakurin::iconalphastars::iconespeon::iconhullurichie::iconrosepetal866::iconstarfacethegreat::iconwaluigis: :iconkittenthepsycho:


:Gift: Froaklin the Obscene by WynterWidow

SkittyStrawberries: Daryl and Rin by StrangelySerene

Art Progress

CommissionsSkittyStrawberries+Fanart+ by starrymew
Commissions are closed!
Sorry, friends! <3 <3 <3
Commission information in provided in the commissions widget above to the right of the page! Sorry if theyre too expensive for you, I'm just really tight on time and money and this is how economics works

Skitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-Starlight
barn-owls GLITCH looking cute and cheery, and then glitching into the last outfit there (ignore the wings all his refs are outdated pff) and looking angry? if it's not too difficult, it would be rad if you could include him holding his sword, ( )
funkeee HEAD BOB…\ could you make her hold a red bull?
Makaruu CHIBI… and… " maybe hugging or something like that? : D"
ConfuzledScarf HEAD BOB… w/ coat, hood down, smiling
BarleyandJazzy HEAD BOB… Can his yellow markings/pearl/scar/eyes/nose/ears be blue? So his expression is bored. Any pose is fine ^^
The-Cafe-kitty GLITCH… glitch into crying w/ blood on her paws
MintIeafs HEAD BOB w/ the bandana thing

Skitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-Starlight

.:BG:. Rin Journal Doll by FazbearFever

If you want to get response out of me, the best way is to leave a comment. I'm reaaaaaaally bad about checking and responding to notes, so there's a chance that if you send a note it will either get lost or I'll have read it and intended to reply later but ended up forgetting about it. I can't guarantee a response to every comment, but I'll try to reply if I can! It's nothing personal if I don't respond. If it's important please feel free to ask again but give me some time to respond before commenting again!

Attack on My Heart

say goodbye to your page's symmetry asshole--
uAH i love you v v much and im really rEALly glad that that's a thing that ended up not changing and I'm really reaLLY GLAd that in a year from now we're gonna be on the east coast doing whatever east coast people do. and we'll get to be pretentious art students and visit the museum off your school and pretend like we understand the art we're looking at cos we'll be getting degrees in it and itLL BE GREaT. B ) and we'll get the rainbow christmas tree and we'll bitch about assignments and classes and professors and it'll be so fuckin awesome.
ily a ton omg you're such a killer artist and your animations are so inspiring smh im so ridiculously excited to see what you're gonna do in the next 10 years cos it's gonna be so kickass oh m AN i wan t to see ana and her siren friend and your art direction and your new and improved 4+yearexperience art cos if you're hella now than imagine what it's gonna be like th ENWOW smfa is gonna have to work hard to hone what you already have.
I'Mmso glad we met ilysm bostons gonna be great w/ you and thank u v much for existing and thank u for being my best friend iLLLYYYYYYYYY<3<3
hoffman fuckin sucks
all hail the king


The Great Ginger

♥ Rea | 17 | Female | ENFP ♥

Hi guys! I'm Reagan! Or Rea as most of you know me! (That's pronounced like Ray, thank you) I'm 17, and a senior in high school.
I have been drawing for about six years now, and animating for almost three. I am working on my own series, I'm drawing a Nuclocke challenge comic with pokemon X called NuzRea. I type waaay too fast so it's not uncommon to find me making typos. My dream is to graduate some sort of art and animation collage and open my own traditional animation studio. I looooove movies with a passion, so I want to make movies that hopefully others will love like I love my favorite movies. (That's a whole lot of love)
Please forgive how slow I am at responding to comment or fan art! I will always respond to fan art if it's sent to me or shows up in my mentions, it just might take me a bit. Sorry! /)w(\

Froakie by CreepyJellyfishLitleo by CreepyJellyfish

Ever played 999/Virtues Last Reward? 

218 deviants said Nope. Never heard of it.
25 deviants said No, but I've heard of them!
10 deviants said I've played one of them!
9 deviants said Yes! I've played them both!
9 deviants said I've seen someone else play one or both.


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De art of dis deviantart page is bootiful
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