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:iconkittenthepsycho: Just made this profile 20% cooler.

:iconchocukat: just pumped up this party now

:iconkivvey: stole your socks

Kyps do love their gingers

you faggot

:iconwyethcat: coded your page

Wyeths love being the freckle on Rea's wrist

Does anyone here know a good free emulator? 

52 deviants said I want to play some pokemon games on emulators
40 deviants said Does anyone know good, safe, free emulator downloads?
32 deviants said Also goodsafefree pokemon game downloads for them

Zebra Stripes and Cuppy Cakes


Best Bros
In no particular order, ilu all too much <3


:Gift: Froaklin the Obscene by TheFlightlessLark

SkittyStrawberries: Daryl and Rin by StrangelySerene

Art Progress

 photo patty_cake_patty_cake_by_wyethcat-d6dbd51_zpsdab2eaf7.gif


Please note: I will not start your commission until I am paid! Thank you! <3
Also fair warning that it can take me a bit of time to actually get to these. I don't intentionally ignore them I just don't realize so much time has passed. If it's been a while since you made your commission please feel free to leave a message reminding me it's been X amount of time and I'll get to it asap. Sorry, friends! <3 <3 <3
Commission information in provided in the commissions widget below to the right of the page.

Skitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-Starlight

Tee-shirt designs/banner for KSic
Contest prize for Orbins of… in a tree
Glitch JD for RasberryKat of… glitching into a bloody version with slit wrists
Journal doll for my babbu Chocukat of… Ari twerking ayyy lmao

Skitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-StarlightSkitty and Charmander sprite- FREE TO USE by Frosted-Starlight

.:BG:. Rin Journal Doll by Hikarichu325

The Great Ginger

Name: Rea ♥
Age: 16 ♥
Gender: Female ♥
Birthday: May 17 ♥
Horoscope: Taurus ♥
Sexual orientation: Ifuckinggiveup ♥

Hi guys! I'm Reagan! Or Rea as most of you know me! (That's pronounced like Ray, thank you) I'm 16, a junior in high school, and happily married to Tony Stark IjustreallyreallyreallyreallyloveIronManokay
I have been drawing for about four years now, and animating for almost two. I am working on my own series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, based off of the amazing game, but with my own personal touches. I'm also drawing a Nuclocke challenge comic with pokemon X called NuzRea, and I'm part of the animation team for Angelicat Avenue. My dream is to graduate some sort of art and animation collage and open my own traditional animation studio. I looooove movies with a passion, so I want to make movies that hopefully others will love like I love my favorite movies. (That's a whole lot of love)
Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually really not all that interesting. if you leave a comment, please allow me a few days to answer. I'm not used to having so many messages, and sometimes I just don't get around to it, but if you drew me something I'll find my way too it. ...Eventually.




im jUST SOooo overwhelmed w love for you right now i can't even handle it goodness jesus you're the bESt person I've ever met you're funny and cute and super talented and pATIENT ANDSWEET andohmygod growing to be old ladies together sounds like a lifetime goal i can't even wait to get to art college soon wOW i can't even imagine how people are gonna react to your work ts perfect s2g

sPrING BREAk is like three months away man can't do this i miss you already jfc it's been like a month today gEEZ s2g a year and a half lEFT TIL college //vibrates rapidly

then we can watch spoopy movies *together* woa and make shitty puns whenever possible and probably cover our refrigerator in stupid doodles because we'll be pretentious artists at that point amen

also i was thinking about it and if there isn't a froakie bubblebath then i feel like that's a sin and tHEN a Thought that branched off of that was some calin but that's p easy to figure out

Rin the Sleepy Skitty by TheFlightlessLark

A Wild CutiEFACEDARLING Appeared!


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Getanimated 18 hours ago  Student Filmographer
Hey hey I stumbled across your youtube! Do you use flash? I'll continue searching ur page for the FAQ lol
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GET...THE HELL...OFF ME...  HUGZ for being awesome!!!
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You got hugged :D (Big Grin) :iconspazhugplz: :D (Big Grin) !

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Creation-Forest 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
ah wow your are is so cute
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